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Software Infocard Wiki contains both formatted software product information and custom user input. Formatted product data cannot be edit directly via the Wiki interface. In order to submit a product or make changes to its infocard, you need to have your product published in the PAD Repository. The Wiki is using the PAD Repository API to add/update software infocards.

What is PAD?

PAD stands for Portable Application Data. It's an XML file that describes your product. This format is used by downloads sites and media portal to create publications about your software product.

How do I create and publish a PAD file?

PAD files can be created and published using the PAD Publisher Control Panel. Make sure that your PAD is actually published to the repository.

Do I need to notify Software Infocard Wiki about an updated PAD?

No, you don't. Software Infocard Wiki receives all updates automatically using the PAD Repository API.