Renamer by EatMe for Windows 7 / 10

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Target Platform: Windows
Release Date: April 15, 2019
License: Freeware
Price: USD 0
Publisher: EatMe -
Product Web Site: [External Link]
Renamer by EatMe win7/win10 installer on www.
883 Kb

Description by the Publisher

Windows 7 / 10 Installer for Renamer by EatMe
* create shortcut on desktup [yes/no]
* MSCOMCTL installs
* extended help text in installer and program
* installs into c:\winutil\renamer for write acces to undo files

created site for Renamer:

- Renamer by EatMe 2.4.5 Windows 10/7/xp/nt/98 -

- Renamer can massively rename and move files on your hard drive
- add prefixes and suffixes
- move to different directories including the original directory structure
- save and load undo files
- save and load file lists
- drag and drop support for files to rename
- edit the files to import list
- edit the files to rename list

Limitations in the Downloadable Version


Product Identity

Unique Product ID: PID-0700B7DDD2C8

Unique Publisher ID: BID-F600B7DDD2C8

[Renamer by EatMe for Windows 7 / 10 PAD XML File]