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Target Platform: Windows
Version: 2.09
Release Date: Aug 03 2019
License: Freeware
Price: USD 0
Publisher: freeware-schach
Product Web Site: [External Link]

Description by the Publisher

Do you like to play chess? Would you play chess against your computer?
I have written a simple chess application. You can use it for free.
The handling of this program is easy. There is no need to read a manual.
My program won't beat a chess champion. It is a good exercise for beginners and advanced players.
Furthermore it runs on your Android mobile.

Notably points:
Free of charge,
Windows and Android,
Simple use,
Opening database,
Five levels of difficulty,
Cancel moves,
Swap chessmen,
Set any desired chessmen (chess riddle),
Save and load of games in PGN,
Provide FEN (Forsyth-Edwards Notation),
Languages: English, French and German,
Small and portabel (starting up from a USB-Stick),
No installation needed (copy some files to a folder you like),
No adware, no spyware, no advertising,
Doesn't call home

Limitations in the Downloadable Version

No limitations

Product Identity

Unique Product ID: PID-9700BE6A7891

Unique Publisher ID: BID-77003228D791

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