Macro Toolworks, Professional Edition

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Target Platform: Windows
Version: 8.6.2
Release Date: Sep 25 2018
License: Shareware
Price: USD 99.95
Publisher: Pitrinec Software
Product Web Site: [External Link]

Description by the Publisher

Macro Toolworks is a powerful all-in-one automation software for Windows. It allows users to record macros, create macros (300+ commands available) in a easy to use macro editor, and playback macros in any application or web page. Each macro can be triggered multiple ways depending on the user's needs: by autocomplete capability, by text shortcuts, keyboard hot-keys, mouse clicks/moves, time scheduler, file/folder changes, tool bars and more. Macros recorded in the recorder (both keyboard and mouse events are recorded) can be manually edited and optimized. Macros can simply mimic user behavior by sending Windows keys and mouse clicks or they can do even more complex repetitive daily tasks such as file backups and other file manipulation, fill web forms, send/receive e-mails, manipulating registry, insert/retrieve data to/from Excel files, download/upload files, zip and encrypt files and folders, and much more...

Limitations in the Downloadable Version

Fully functional, can be tested for 30 days (shareware - refer to EULA)

Product Identity

Unique Product ID: PID-DA0065FA0ABB

Unique Publisher ID: BID-D100FCAAEDFA

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