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Target Platform: Windows
Version: 2021R1
Release Date: January 29, 2021
License: Commercial
Price: USD 1200
Publisher: Qoppa Software, LLC
Product Web Site: [External Link]
Optimize and reduce PDF size from Java.
61.89 Mb

Description by the Publisher

jPDFOptimizer is a Java library to optimize and reduce the size of PDF documents.

jPDFOptimizer can remove unnecessary objects in PDF documents, detect and merge duplicate images and fonts, and modify image resolution, compression and color spaces to reduce size. The library provides a powerful, yet simple API to let the calling application fine tune how to optimize documents.

jPDFOptimizer is built on Qoppa Softwares extensive PDF technology and requires no third party software or drivers. The library is 100% Java and can run on any operating system for which there is a standard Java implementation, such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris and others.

Main Features

Modify image resolution, compression and color spaces
Compress images using JPEG, JPEG 2000 and JBIG2
Compress data streams
Remove unused objects
Remove and merge duplicate images and fonts
Flexible optimization options
Linearize PDFs for fast web view
Support for latest PDF format
Support for JDK 1.6 and above
Works on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X (100% Java)
No third party software or drivers necessary

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Product Identity

Unique Product ID: PID-32007481BBBD

Unique Publisher ID: BID-AB00354BDF5C

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