GS1 128 Barcode Font Suite

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Target Platform: Windows
Version: 21.03
Release Date: March 4, 2021
License: Demo
Price: USD 179
Publisher:, Inc.
Product Web Site: [External Link]
GS1-128 Barcode Font Suite
15.76 Mb

Description by the Publisher

The GS1-128 Barcode Font Suite includes fonts for generating GS1-128 barcodes according to a variety of GS1-128 related standards and specifications. This package also includes encoders to generate barcodes in a wide variety of environments such as Excel, Access, Crystal Reports, FileMaker, SSRS, .NET, Java, Internet, Email and others. The fonts in this package are compatible with virtually any environment in Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix. The encoders in this package may be integrated into a range of environments, and are generally compatible up to the latest version of those environments or applications. Following are some additional features:

-A collection of 18 different Code 128 font sizes that precisely match any GS1-128 specification, such as SSCC, GDTI, GRAI, GIAI and GLN, UDI, HIBCC UDI, ICCBBA UDI, including USPS Special Services barcodes.
-Compatible with multiple with double-byte character sets including Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
-Font encoders provided support an automated method of calculating MOD 10 characters where required.
-VB script and VBA included with this product automatically formats text and adds parentheses around appropriate AIs.

The GS1-128 Barcode Font Suite is available in a variety of license options to suit your usage scenario. There are a range of options for single or multi-users as well as single sites, developers or commercial usage. Developer License versions include Developer Tools for use in Java, .NET, SSRS, the web and other complex environments.

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Unique Product ID: PID-82006C872157

Unique Publisher ID: BID-600044505F85

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