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Target Platform: Windows
Release Date: Oct 17 2015
License: Shareware
Price: USD 25
Publisher: Fangxun Soft Inc
Product Web Site: [External Link]

Description by the Publisher

1.Supports Wave(pcm,alaw,ulaw,ms-adpcm,ima-adpcm),Aif,Snd,Mp3,Ogg, Wma, Flac, Ape,M4a(ms aac),3Gp(ms aac),WavPack, and can freely switch file type.

2.Supports manual, automatic, schedule recording, and can be freely switched.

3.Schedule recording:
The timing service module automatically fetch the first available item from schedule items, and start or stop recording according to the start time or stop time, and fetch the next available item automatically. The software also provides the daily recording times and options to update the schedule items, so user can achieve unattended recording.

4.Selection of recording device:
Choose recording device and sampling parameters, supports 8,16,24,32 bits. Can choose whether to use the device in exclusive mode or not.

5.Device status response:
automatically response the device state's change (enable, disable, insert, remove) or device or engine format's change.

6.Recording options:
includes file output options, auto recording, encoding format, audio tag information, recording schedule.

7.Mix processing
User may choose whether to mix the residual source channels with the output first channel.

8.Naming a Recording file:
Choose whether to automatically assign file name in manual mode. In automatic and schedule mode, the recording file name will be automatically assigned.

9.Recordings management:
Automatically records the details of the file which has finished recording , can play , locate , delete the selected recording items, may choose whether to delete audio files.

10. Automatically save the user's options and uses them at the next time.

11.Multi card recording
Run multiple instances of recording when use multi instance version.

Limitations in the Downloadable Version

2 minutes output limitation

Product Identity

Unique Product ID: PID-2200CE04E0E9

Unique Publisher ID: BID-B100E63D7DD9

[Fangxun audio recorder PAD XML File]