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Target Platform: Windows
Version: 1.0.0
Release Date: Apr 30 2014
License: Freeware
Price: USD 0
Publisher: dmSimpleApps
Product Web Site: [External Link]

Description by the Publisher

dmMediaConverter is a crossplatform FFmpeg frontend (GUI) exposing some of its features. It is intended to be simple and easy to use but also to be able to achieve complex tasks. I have inspired myself from a lot of media converters like Handbrake, WinFF and MkvMergeGui. One feature was lacking from most of them, video stream copy (pass-through), that made me build this.

Main features:

stream copy (video, audio, subtitle)
stream conversion - almost any codec into:
video - h264, h265, vp8, vp9
audio - aac, mp3, flac, pcm, vorbis, opus
subtitles - srt, ass, ssa, mov_text, dvdsub
add streams into one mkv file (with or without reencoding)
merge files with the same properties - no reencoding. Ex. Files made by a phone or camera.
merge different kind of files (different codecs, resolution, etc) into one file. It chooses an output with the biggest width of all source files.
split a file by given time points (no reencoding)
job queue - you can add multiple tasks into a job queue
audio auto gain detect - it will parse the whole file and find the proper gain value (reencode)
picture settings - with changes immediately displayed (reencode)
scaling - change video resolution (use -1 for keep aspect ratio)
cropping and padding
auto crop - detect best crop values for encoder
rotate picture in 90 degrees increments
video aspect correction - no reencoding
write stream tags like language and title, also container title - no reencoding

Limitations in the Downloadable Version

No limitations

Product Identity

Unique Product ID: PID-580017E39CA8

Unique Publisher ID: BID-480000BB7CA8

[dmMediaConverter PAD XML File]