Checksum Aide 64 bit

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Target Platform: Windows
Release Date: Nov 02 2018
License: Freeware
Price: USD 0
Publisher: Red Regent Software
Product Web Site: [External Link]

Description by the Publisher

Checksum-Aide is a utility used to generate hash codes (or checksum codes). You can use this tool to verify that a program you downloaded from the internet has not been corrupted or tampered with.

If you are a developer, you can use this tool to generate your own hash codes so that your user can confirm the authenticity of your software.

Checksum-Aide can generate up to 11 different hash codes (including SHA-256). You can use it to get the hash code for a block of text or you can calculate the hash code for a file on your computer. You can also calculate the hash codes for multiple files at one time.

Limitations in the Downloadable Version


Product Identity

Unique Product ID: PID-440029E02940

Unique Publisher ID: BID-5900A5658DF3

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