AntiAlias VST

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Target Platform: Windows
Version: 5.7.2
Release Date: Jul 07 2017
License: Freeware
Price: USD 0
Publisher: ExperimentalScene
Product Web Site: [External Link]

Description by the Publisher

AntiAlias VST is a free high quality mastering effect for the purpose of removing aliasing from it's input. Aliasing is the presence of harmonics in a digital recording that are above the Nyquist frequency, and therefore cause unwanted noise. While your speakers or stereo may have a top notch oversampling digital filter, not every piece of playback hardware is the same. With this plugin you can filter out aliasing at the time of creation, rather than expecting PCs and stereos to clean it up later.

Limitations in the Downloadable Version

No limitations

Product Identity

Unique Product ID: PID-4200AC751199

Unique Publisher ID: BID-300021732EFE

[AntiAlias VST PAD XML File]